Home Rules

Here will be any home rules or variations for the game. Not all are well thought out, so opinions are sought and I am open to adjustments or outright tossing out these rules.

RULE #1 – Contacting the Contacts

There are no real hard and fast rules I have found for how often your contact is available to you. They are people too, even if not real ones, and they have their own lives to live, not just yours. So here is the rule. You will need to make an Edge Attribute Roll vs. the Contacts Connection – Loyalty (minimum of 1 Success required). You can spend Edge to increase your chances (this does not affect the original number of dice rolled), or Burn an Edge to automatically succeed (Burning an Edge, being as it is a major deal, will give additional bonuses determined by the GM according to needs). In addition, for this one test only, 6’s explode (ie. every 6 you roll, you get to roll that die again and add to your success).

Example: Herschal has 3 Edge, and as usual needs a Hack done quickly. He calls up his old friend Mirage, (Connection 4, Loyalty 2) who it seems he still owes money to, but maybe this once Mirage will help him out. He needs to roll 2 successes to get in touch. Rolling Edge (and, since he REALLY needs the help, he spends an edge point; hope is eternal that he is getting Mirage on a good day. His roll are 1, 3, 3(exploding die result), 5, 6. Two successes, exactly what he needs. Mirage is there and willing to help, but Herschal needs to thrown in a little more to catch up on what he owes already plus interest, or Mirage may need to call in some favors of his own to get his money in other ways.

If you get the successes you need, you will be able to communicate with your contact and try to make a deal. Additional successes will be taken into account by me on availability of services, etc.

Players should keep this rule in mind during character creation, since having only 1 edge point will make it extremely hard to get in touch with that Connection 6 Contact you spent so many points on.

RULE #2 – I’ve got nothing for now… this space reserved

Home Rules

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