Carl Levins

Carl is a paraplegic Dwarven lawyer, known in the shadows for his many varied links and ability to put the right person with the right job and right gear.


Connection: 4
Loyalty: -


Approximately twenty years ago, Carl was an up and coming lawyer working in Arasaka’s legal department when tragedy struck. A freak accident while working late at night at the Arasaka Pyramid caused permanent harm to his legs, resulting in loss of all functions from the hips down. Refusing cybernetic rehabilitation and a rare genetic strain that disallowed the use of cloning or regrowth of the neerves, Carl was forced to live in a custom wheelchair (a modified Terrier). Within the year, his wife left him, leaving nothing but a note complaing about how useless he now was. Days later Arasaka laid him off, stating a reduction in force and a lack of commitment to work on Carl’s part.

Carl had a few secrets he could trade in and a small savings his wife never knew about. With this money, Carl started his own firm, quickly falling in with several shady orgnizations. Today, he is a moveer in the shadows, matching runners with jobs as needed.

Carl has an intense dislike for Arasaka and refuses work from their johnson’s. He is also interested in any information on the whereabouts of his wife Margaret.

Carl Levins

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